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I'm Lauren and I'm a twenty - three year old disabled graduate living in Brighton. Having a disability at a young age is pretty exhausting, constantly updating friends and family on your health and having negative experiences and what feels like little progression it can be easy to get down. I started this blog as a way to keep friends and family updated on my health, raise awareness of some of the struggles I face daily, but also just simply show that my life didn't end with a diagnosis. Show how we can adapt to do things differently with a disability.


My work

This website is run by ATICCERSGUIDETOLIFE - Lauren Perry.



I aim for my website to reach as many people as possible. Therefore I am working closely with a variety of companies and web designers to make my website as accessible as it can be. 

 I will do all I can to ensure all visitors can access this site, regardless of disability. If you feel specific needs are not being met, please do send me a message.

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