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Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by to come and learn a little more about life with invisible disabilities.


Tic of the Month

"Luton airport regrets delays due to BLAH BLAH being a BLAH BLAH" fill in the blanks with about absolutely anything and trish has said it. She’s also been nursing my boobs as her baby which is pretty funny


"I’ve always wanted a pet dwarf"

current tic: 

“So cute and fluffy”


"I love egg,

I lied all this time"

Past Tic of the Month's 

"green beans"



"go docta"

“Best girls in a best world”

“Second best girl”

“Best world”

“Shut up Reuben you’re so boring”

“Tiny ladies” “small thing” “dwarfy” “4ft mummy” you get the jist…

UK lockdown COVID 19. Everything is “Luscious” “Luxurious”

COVID 19 related. “CAYONA” “CAYONA WIRUZ” I’ve been back on the “small thing” and “dwarfy” tics "Trumps a Racist” “Boris needs a haircut” (The last two both not entirely untrue!)

“Lemons” This month was all about lemons- everything is lemon related” If someone makes me jump I shout “OH lemons” “You’re a little lemon” “She smells of lemon” “Ew Yum Lemon” etc…