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I'm Lauren and I'm a twenty - three year old disabled gal living in Brighton. Having a disability at a young age is pretty exhausting, constantly updating friends and family on your health and having negative experiences and what feels like little progression, it can be easy to get down. I started this blog as a way to keep friends and family updated on my health, raise awareness of some of the struggles I face daily, but also just simply show that my life didn't end with a diagnosis. To show how we can adapt to do things differently with a disability.

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My work


A Little Poorly Brighton

I Founded a Local Community Group for disabled and chronically ill people.


Content creation

I work with companies to create accessible content.


Access Your Life

I Volunteer for a company called Access Your Life and Co-founded the Grant Assistance Scheme.

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Reviews and audits

I regularly review products and services as well as the accessibility of hotels, stays and travel destinations to help make the world more accessible to disabled people.

This website is run by A TICCERS GUIDE TO LIFE - Lauren Perry.



I aim for my website to be as accessible as possible and I will do all I can to ensure all visitors can access this site, inclusive of disability. If you feel specific needs are not being met, please do send me a message. 

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