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Halloween Wheels from a cardboard box

What you'll need:

  • Scissors or a craft knife

  • A cardboard box

  • Cable ties or string/ thread

  • A pencil

  • Paints or colouring pens

Step by step:

  1. Start by lining up your cardboard box against your wheel and making 4 marks at the top, bottom and sides where you will need to draw a circle, if you are able to trace the whole wheel (by removing your wheel with the quick release pin- trace around your push rim this makes things alot easier!)

  2. Fold the cardboard box in half so when you cut it out you only have to cut the circles once!

  3. Use a craft knife or scissors to score the cardboard in a circle this makes it easier to then cut it out - it should now fit over your push rim perfectly. (Then cut it out).

  4. If you have powered wheels like me you may need to cut an extra bit in the middle- if not you should be okay! You can have a look online at Spoke guard patterns to see how those are done on your chair specifically and you'll know if you need to cut bits out the middle of the cardboard to make them move!

  5. Paint, draw, stick on your design, whether that's a pumpkin, cobwebs or something that makes part of your costume- the world is your oyster!

  6. Poke small holes with the end of your scissors at various points across the edges of the cardboard (not too close to the edge) and cable tie to the push rim of your wheelchair wheels).

  7. Take lots of pictures and be sure to tag @aticcersguidetolife send me what you make!!


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