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Reha Design Push Rim Covers

I get lots of questions about my pink wheels & often get asked in the street and online where my pushrim covers are from.

Why pushrim covers?

Push rim covers are incredibly useful to help stop your hands getting sore, blisters if you self propel in a manual wheelchair. They help add grip helping you steer, protect your chair from damage particularly in tight door frames and lifts. On top of all this they transform your boring grey, black or silver chair to the next level giving you some personality, helping you match your chair to your outfit and your style!

What colours are they available in?

‘Beautify your wheels‘ with: Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, Black, Yellow & Green with the option of different size inch wheels to fit your wheelchair too!

Why RehaDesign?

RehaDesign are a small business in Lithuania run by a team of lovely, passionate and creative people, who care about their customers. They offer world wide delivery and say ‘We don’t provide products, we help people make their lives a little bit easier.’

I’m completely obsessed with my pink wheels & they’ve helped protect my chair from getting scratched up particularly while I was learning how to use it in the first few months and had many crashes into door ways!


RehaDesign have kindly given my users 10% off their orders with code LAUREN10 simply email with this code to claim your discount!!


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