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My name is Lauren Perry

I'm known as '@aticcersguidetolife' across social media channels and I refer to my tics as Trish or Patricia to help differentiate what is my Tourettes and what is me!

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 a little bit about me

Get to know me

I'm a  22 year old graduate living in what feels like a 90 year olds body. I'm originally from Luton but live in Brighton where I studied English Language and Linguistics. I live with what we now to be Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. along side a big list of co-morbidities. I spent many years being passed from pillar to post much like many other chronically ill people.

Disability and chronic illness

I have PA/ carers and am an ambulatory wheelchair user. But like many chronically ill young people, I am isolated from society and have lost a lot of friends through being poorly. I have a few amazing friends - who I am so so grateful for but  it’s hard for people to understand invisible disability and see why I sleep 28 hours a day or why I slur my words or faint if I walk. It's tough not being able to keep up with my friends whilst others my age are out clubbing till 6am. I’m sure many of you are used to the ‘oh really you can’t do that’ comments that come along with an invisible disability!

My mental health journey

Throughout my teens I struggled severely with my mental health, which was a bit crappy- I didn’t go out the house for two years unless I absolutely had no choice.

After a long haul I like to say I’m 90% over that stage of my life. (touch wood)  and I'd love to start sharing my story and helping other teenagers going through similar things.

I'm more than just 'the girl in the wheelchair' or 'the one with Tourettes'

I have a variety of chronic illnesses but when I'm not sleeping or swimming (I’m convinced I was a mermaid in a past life), I love to travel and explore new places - having access needs has made this more difficult but I am determined for it not to stop me! I've recently bought a new wheelchair which has given me back so much independence and really improved my quality of life.I aim to have fun despite being poorly and meet people who are understanding of my illness! Like everyone, I have bad days but I aim to focus on the good days more.

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