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The benefits of a walking stick as an ambulatory wheelchair user.

Purple background graphic with white glow up circle ring and white drawings of walking stick in bottom two corners. Image of clear bubble walking stick in centre sigh curved head. Purple text reads (beefits of walking stick, as an ambulatory wheelchair user)s

Before I got my NeoWalkstick I didn't think that a walking stick was a mobility aid I really needed, mainly because I used my wheelchair so much of the time. Oh how I was so wrong.

A friend of mine made a few subtle suggestions that I get a folding walking stick to help me as I kept falling over around the house. I kind of thought to myself- what's the point in that. I want to be able to put my hands out if I fall. I want to be able to carry things around the house, I use my chair when I'm out and about so I don't really have a need for one. I knew if I did try any stick, it'd have to be a neowalks stick and I mean obvs...

Have you seen them!

They're beautiful?

Anyway... the opportunity came up where I happened to try a few neowalks sticks in person and instantly fell in love. It's safe to say I've used my stick every single day since it's arrived.

I thought I'd write a short little post today with ways my stick has helped me as an ambulatory wheelchair user that I didn't think about incase you're thinking about getting one yourself!

  • Independence

  • Makes your invisible disability visible

  • Helps you off the floor if you fall

  • Something to lean on

  • It's beautiful

  • Reminds you to stand correctly for your body

  • Reminds you to carry less as you have the stick in your hand

  • Balance

  • Helps with pain

  • Great for reaching things when you're lying in bed.

  • Makes you feel safe when you're out in the street alone

  • The light up not only looks beautiful, but is also brilliant for going to the toilet in the middle of the night.

  • Access places you couldn't normally in your wheelchair like pebbled beaches or some nightclubs (light up is great for this too!)

Clear sparkly walking stick in Lauren’s hand Lauren is looking down, the beach is pebbles and rocks and the sea is behind her, she is wearing a pale green jacket

Just a short one from me today for once!

As always, hugs and spoons

Lauren xx


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