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Who we are

We are a small team of chronically ill volunteers living in Brighton and Hove. As a disabled person myself I set the group up myself as I knew no other disabled people- there are now over seven hundred and fifty members in Brighton and Hove.  Disabled and chronically ill people felt isolated before Covid post Covid social isolation is even worse as the world opened back up for many it stayed the same for many in my group. The cost of living crisis means disabled people on benefits can’t afford to do their normal activities meaning they are only isolated further. Many of my group don’t leave the house for weeks and rely on food banks and emergency accommodation

What we do

 A Little Poorly Brighton is a community group who aims to tackle isolation amongst disabled people based in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas. We facilitate accessible ‘meet ups’ that help build life skills, provide a safe space for a creative outlet, and offer support for the community. We are led by disabled and chronically ill volunteers in Brighton and Hove and founded by Lauren Perry also known as @aticcersguidetolife on social media. 

What's on

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M E E T  U P S

How to join the community


Read our rules

Here at ALPB, we take our members safety really seriously- take a look at our revised group rules, GDPR and safe guarding policies here.



We originated over on facebook, where I set up a private group, we have now expanded and have a small facebook and instagram page too.


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Supported by Sussex Community Foundation and Brighton and Hove Communities Fund

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