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A Little Poorly Brighton

Disability Networking in Brighton


Founded by Lauren in 2019

After living in Brighton for a few years as a disabled student, I had made lots of friends, but I knew no other chronically ill or disabled people living in Brighton despite my university telling me one in five people in my lecture hall accessed their services. I was struggling with my degree as my health began to deteriorate rapidly and I began to need carers, as a nineteen year old living away from home, as a disabled student, I approached my university about setting up a disabled students society and was told there wasn't a need for one... I made the decision to do what lots of people may have done and take to social media to find other people like me. It was there that 'a little poorly' was formed.


Our first meet up was just me myself and I and fast forward to now- I intermitted my degree, went back to education, graduated and we now have over six hundred and fifty five members and have built a little army of disabled people and their carers living in Brighton and Hove.

W H O  W E  A R E

R E Q U E S T  H E L P

We have a new section where you can request help from a little poorly member. 

Our community works well on disabled people helping other disabled people out and unfortunately in the world we live in we have had to learn that in a crisis often other disabled people can be the best people to go to for support. We live to think this will come back around and that if you are ever in the position where you can help someone else, if you have the spoons you will. If you need a hand making a phone call, have a wheelchair emergency or carer crisis- let us know and we will see how we can help.

Pop us an email if you need a hand!

Thanks for submitting!

M E E T  U P S

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Past and future meet ups

Stay up to date by adding the calendar link below to your phone:)


Kindness Kits

Pumpkin Painting

Art Therapy

Mindfulness colouring



 Employment with Chronic Illness

Life Admin with Disability

PIP support

Bus Passes and Blue badges


Coffee an a catch up



Accessibility Talks

Public Transport chat

British Sign Language

How to join the community


Read our rules

Here at ALPB, we take our members safety really seriously- take a look at our revised group rules, GDPR and safe guarding policies here.



We originated over on facebook, where I set up a private group, we have now expanded and have a small facebook and instagram page too.


Fill in a form

Fill in this form to help us get more funding for the group, plan exciting meet ups and keep you all safe.

Supported by the Local People project in Brighton supported by Scope, funded by People's Health Trust with money raised through The Health Lottery South East.

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