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A Little Poorly - Brighton


After living in Brighton a little while and having made amazing friends, it became obvious to me that I still had not met any other students like me. 

Although I consider myself a 'fairly able disabled person', and as brilliant as my friends are, I find it hard to keep up with their energy levels and feel a little isolated from some social experiences due to my health. Having a disability as a young person is hard can very quickly become your whole life- so I am very  grateful for my able-bodied friends as a method of distraction, however I couldn’t help but notice I knew no other disabled students in the whole of my university!

It was after about a year of being at university when I set up ‘A Little Poorly Brighton’ (which now has over 400 Facebook members) I set the group up with an aim to find others in a similar situation to me, I was overwhelmed by the amazing response. I set the group up in order to tackle isolation amongst disabled people and connect us with other like-minded people in similar situations be that physically or remotely. Sometimes we have questions or need recommendations as disabled people and it can be hard to find answers online.  

We hope to:

  • Network people living with a long-term health condition or disability from the diverse communities in Brighton and Hove

  • Develop creative and recreational activities that are accessible to all

  • Create physical and online spaces for people to come together and share


  • Enable people to participate fully from home in a form that is fully inclusive

  • Offer mutual aid and support

Meet our Team:



I'm a 21 year old living in what feels like a 90 year olds body some days. After studying at university for a while, my pre- existing health conditions exacerbated and I found myself struggling more as a disabled student. I began to research local support services for young people and struggled to find much,  it is here that I then decided to set up my facebook group 'A Little Poorly- Brighton.' In addition to this I started my blog. As a young person with a variety of chronic illnesses, I know all too well the struggles of isolation with a disability and not knowing how to access support services.

When I'm not sleeping, I love to swim, travel and explore new places- having access needs has made this more difficult but I am determined for them not to stop me! Like anyone I have good and bad days, but I am determined to focus on the good as dwell less on the bad- ALPB has really helped me with this.

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Alike Lauren, I am also a student who moved to Brighton four years ago. A few years before attending university, I started noticing mulitiple health issues, but like many, went with undiagnosed disabilities for a long time. During This time I was struggling profoundly with not only my declining health, grieving my new diagnoses but also isolation with not being able to be a 'normal' student. My doctor suggested I try to search for online online groups. I joined a few and by chance on a local community board saw  a link to ALPB by Lauren. The whole idea of this community group made for people alike myself really helped me find my identity and not long after joining as a member in March 20220, Lauren asked me to become a moderator, I was very passionate and excited about the role. I know that others also foinf the same comfoty and confidence in the group, whether it is for support, socialisation or access to a multiitude of resources and activities. Our community has grown into a safe space for many, of varying situations to have the ability to find themselves with the support whenever they need, truly tackle isolation , even within these current tying times.










ALFIE (They/Them):

Admin Assistant

NINA (She/Her):

Events Organiser

ROSIE (She/ Her):


A Little Poorly Brighton is run by a group of volunteers hand selected, by me- trained to ensure all little poorly members feel they are understood, represented and have a point of contact.

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Request Help:

We have a new section whereby our community helps each other out in a crisis. Whether you need a cat sitter or a cooked meal or a phone call made, our bank of poorly volunteers will do all they can to help when you are out of spoons with the hope you are well enough to return the favour one day.

Request help as a little poorly member here.

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 Join 'A Little Poorly Brighton' by clicking and filling out the short form as best as you can.

(Filling this out really helps us get more funding to help you and helps us safeguard

the group)

Past meet ups:


We have had some amazing virtual and physical meet ups and

are longing for the day we can safely meet again.


Past workshops have included:

  • Coffee and chats

  • Working with a chronic illness workshops

  • Kindness kit making

  • Public transport talks

  • Talks on accessibility issues

  • Mindfulness colouring

  • Accessing work with a disability

  • British Sign Language workshops


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What our members are saying about the group:

“For the days I feel defeated by my chronic illnesses, A little poorly- Brighton always reminds me I am not alone and that together, we got this!”

— Chloe

“ I joined this group because I was excited to that there was a space for people like me in my local area to share info. But now it's the first place I go when I need support or have happy news to share that is disability related (which is basically all my news!)”

— Chantal

“When you think you’re all out of ‘spoons’ sometimes sharing an experience with someone else, gives you an extra ‘spoon’ to enjoy your day.”

— Rachel

“I joined this group looking for advice and something even more amazing is that I've found a community too”

— Leanna

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'A Little Poorly Brighton' Events:

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If you'd like to set up 'A Little Poorly' where you live please contact me by going to my contact page or by clicking here

We often say 'we learn so much about being poorly from each other!’