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Poor Access at Brighton Uni


My housemate has written a fab piece about the poor accessibility at the uni of Brighton for her degree. As you’ll know if you’ve been following me for a while my uni have a history of being poor at supporting disabled students. Throughout my four years at the university I have had to take an intermission, have had multiple emotional setbacks, health struggles caused by stress and access issues.

I’m exhausted of fighting with my university for basic support. I’m doing my best to get my degree but gosh do they make it difficult.

Under the equality act 2010, reasonable adjustments must be put in place to enable disabled people to live life equally to anyone else. Sadly this is rarely an enforced law. Reasonable Adjustments could be anything from, step free access, wider door frames, screen readers or access to online learning.

‘Colleges and universities have a legal duty to try to remove the barriers you face in education because of disability. This is called 'making reasonable adjustments'. These adjustments help make sure you get the same access to education as anyone else’ - Scope UK

Access to education should be a right not a privilege.

My friend & I would really appreciate if you could sign her petition.




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