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Happy Birthday trish!

It’s my tourettesaverssary on Friday!

Patricia (my tics) two year birthday & wow what a whirlwind it has been! Who’d have thought life would be how it is now! I thought I’d do a little reflection post.

Since creating ‘aticcersguidetolife’ I have met some amazing people and learnt more about myself than I ever thought I could. I have had amazing opportunities come my way which may not have done if I hadn’t of ‘got’ tourette’s! As much as I hate trish (tics) I can’t help but love her, I’ve got to thank her for not being as rude as she could be, for making people laugh, and making awkward situations funny & for helping me find my ‘niche’.

Sure meeting new people is crazy anxiety provoking with tics & they can be painful & annoyingly timed but for the most part I’ve got to thank my tics for being as ‘cute’ as they can be.

I accessed amazing tic therapy support through tictock therapy late last year. Sarah was amazing and has really changed my life. She not only educated me on how my tics work and why I have them- she taught me that Ticcing loud and proud is okay & that it is possible to control your tics.

I’m using the lead up to trish’s birthday on Friday as a little reflection period- looking back at videos of ‘that time’ when my tics started was horrible but it has also shown me how far I have come. We didn’t know what we had got ourselves into when she arrived!

When asked the question in my Tourettes awareness month video ‘would you get rid of your tourettes if you could?’ Most people responded with no- they loved them, it’s apart of them- for me I would. They make things difficult. Eventhough it has been two years since my tics presented loud and proud, I still forget I have tics sometime & I still feel if I could get rid of my Tourette’s over night I would in a heartbeat.

This time next year, I aspire to get to the point where I’m no longer embarrassed of my tics- I’m nearly there- I’ve got much better at openly telling people I have Tourette’s before I talk to them rather than just suppressing my tics to the point I’m exhausted or in pain. My tics clearly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so I guess I’ve got to embrace them!

Happy Birthday Trish x


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