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Efix powered wheels review

Due to fatigue, joint issues etc. There is no way I am able to self propel- I needed a power chair but had a small car at the time of purchase therefore was prescribed a manual chair with a power attachment.

Self locking/ breaking/ holding of the wheels/ automatic breaking features, meaning as soon as you let go it stops. The battery is incredibly light compared to other powerchair batteries I have had before. The joy stick is detachable- only thing with this is the bracket sometimes comes loose from cobbled floor and uneven camber as well as my tics!! The attachment for the joystick sometimes gets a bit wobbly, but this could be from going over cobbles and tactile pavements for visually impaired people. Also some of my motor tics (Tourette’s) can be quite forceful, which could be causing it to loosen.

Something to note would be that the E-fix wheels themselves are the heaviest part of the chair but these can be removed.

AJM set up the efix onto my quickie chair for me.

The E-fix battery is incredibly light. As a disabled person who struggles with heavy objects, it’s very lightweight compared to many other wheelchair batteries. I can set the chair up and down by myself due to this.


- Can be used as power or manual

- Lightweight Battery

- Every part comes off

- Aesthetically pleasing- although I kinda wish the grey bits on the wheels were black- just for photos.

- It’s easy to change from power to manual, and vice versa.

- Really easy to change the battery - Plugs in well - Charges easily vis magnetic cable - Magnetic joystick cable to battery

- Sat Nav

- 8mph

- Anti tips

- Lock on Joy stick

- Self braking

I live in the incredibly hilly town of Brighton and in the past I have struggled with chairs being able to cope with the steep inclines of the hills. The E-fix has no issues whatsoever tackling grass, hills, curbs, and uneven ground

I would highly recommended this for someone who is struggling to find a wheelchair which works well on hills- Brighton is exceptionally hilly and it copes so well. The efix power attachment is great for someone who wants a powerchair but does not have a wav or space for something as clunky or heavy or perhaps needs one which folds up smaller.

For someone who sometimes is pushed in a chair- for example when I faint after meals it may be too dangerous for me to steer or drive my chair myself- a friend or family member or carer can switch my chair back to manual mode and push me briefly with no issues.

Beyond Life changing. The only thing holding me back now is that my castors are too small - I’m looking to get an off road free- wheel as i know they work really well with efix.



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