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Trish’s Birthday

Just over 3 years ago my tics started suddenly in the evening. Now if I’m really honest I don’t actually remember what happened i just remember a lot of driving back and fourth to hospital and doctors appointments and Brighton to Luton and back again and occasionally being sat on the floor and being in a lot of pain and absolutely exhausted. I’ve got a lot of gaps in my memory - I think it’s slight trauma mixed with huge lack of sleep at the time to be honest- I don’t really think of it as a traumatic time but I think the brain does funny things to protect itself!!

Every year I like to celebrate my Tourette’s anniversary as often medical anniversary’s can be pretty sad/ traumatic. Having a ‘Trish’ in your life comes with its rubbish but she’s most definitely bought us ALOT of laughter.

For those of you who don’t know- I refer to my Tourette’s as Trish or Patricia.

Massive Thankyou to @tictocktherapy for the support & treatment in the weeks following the onset of my tics starting that the nhs sadly weren’t able to provide that I really believe made such a difference to the way I see & manage my tics now.

Also shoutout to my housemates (and old housemates) ♥️ old pa’s, friends & family who have had to put up with Trish bullying them for years now. You guys are what makes her love life 😉

Not a day goes by where my Tourette’s doesn’t make someone smile (even if it’s just me!) so today of all days do something that’ll make you happy!! Eat that cake, order that takeaway, say no, say yes, watch that two minute video that’ll make you giggle, watch a kids tv programme or if you simply ever need a pick me up let me know and I’ll get Trish chatting to ya! (I can’t guarantee I’m as fun however!)

Happy birthday Trishy. Drinks on Lauren xxx


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