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My Top 10 Chronic Illness essentials!

1: Heated Blanket:

Although it’s a little pricey, my heated blanket was an absolute game changer for pain flare ups I was gifted it & I can’t recommend it enough! It’s perfect for sciatica, joint & leg pain- I even put it on my head & neck when I have a migraine!

2: Tenura non-slip circles

As lots of you know, I really struggle with baths & showers as they take lots of my spoons, make me dizzy & fatigued – I’m forever falling over! The non-slip circles are brilliant as they give me a bit of grip under my feet to make me feel more steady! I also think if I had my own house I’d probably put them on the floor on tiled floor like conservatories or bathrooms!

3: Pregnancy Pillow:

Not just for pregnant people! Great for chronically ill people! Great for bad pain days as you can move it’s position and manipulate it into the right place to help ease pain. There isn’t much to be said about this honestly other than try ditching your pillows for one of these & see how it helps with back pain especially!

4: Jar Key:

If you’re over on my Instagram ( you’ll hear me banging on on my stories about how much I love the jar key! It’s such a simple design but honestly brings me so much independence when it comes to cooking & being able to open jars so easily!

5: Portable Inflatable hair wash sink:

This took some getting used to and it’s by no means perfect but it’s a great concept! Hair wash days when you’re in a flare up have never been easier than with this! My PA’s can wash my hair as if it’s a hairdressing sink (so we pop it on a desk or table or my bed) ooo I might actually do a whole post on this one as there’s a few random tips that could be good to know!!

6: Big Towel Robe:

This is a good one for those of you who have PA/Carers or if showers take all your spoons away & you need a nap! It’s a long dressing gown that goes down to the floor but it also is oversized and made of towel material!

I use this on hairwash days to have a bit of dignity infront of my carers (not that I really care too much they’ve definitely seen all of me at my worst!!) I use it as a towel for when I get out the shower & sit with it on whilst I get my hair brushed to save getting my clothes all wet! I often fall asleep on my bed in it too as showers exhaust me so much – definitely better than falling asleep in a towel on top of your bed with your bits and bobs everywhere!

7: Sunglasses:

Honestly I wear sunglasses inside on a regular basis! I get migraines two – three times a week, if they’re not an absolutely horrendous one that leaves me in bed all day or I manage to catch it early, having a dark pair of sunglasses really helps me to keep my light sensitivity at bay & avoid my migraine worsening! If I’m not having a throw up and can’t move type of migraine then having my sunglasses on with the next point can really help me ‘function’ a little more ‘normally.’

8: Noise Cancelling Headphones or ear defenders

Now I went for the cheap option and got some industrial noise cancelling ear defenders lol! They’re a little bit uncomfortable on my ears & you could definitely get comfier ones but these are brilliant for when I’m feeling sensitive to sound. Along with the sunglasses they can help milder migraine symptoms and are great at blocking out all noise. I honestly can’t really hear anything at all with them on ha! (Perfect for a student house!)

9: Essential Oil Diffuser with spa sounds (or play spa sounds on your phone/ speaker?!)

THIS! So my essential oil diffuser has built in speakers which I can set to play 10 different types of spa sounds & a variety of colour changing lights. It sounds so silly but the act of making my room feel more calm, closing my curtains, getting some home comforts etc can really help ease symptoms in a flare up. My carers put my essential oil diffuser on with lavender & a certain spa sound I like and it sends me to sleep in no time (I’m like an adult size baby really!)

10: Non-Slip pink grip stuff:

This ‘stuff’ is brilliant honestly! It helps me open so many random things! Nail Polish, bottles, pens- all sorts!






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