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My new wheelchair

I’ve finally got my new wheelchair- the wait has been so worth it- I feel like the world is now my oyster and I cannot wait for the adventures she will take me on. Although I am still full of the internalised ableism that is cemented into our brains that perhaps I don’t need a chair because I can walk, I am learning to accept the freedom that will come with having my chair and I now know I’m going to feel a lot less poorly & save a lot more spoons! My chair is quite high off the ground which also helps to make me feel less looked down on and more involved with conversations which is something that was considered when having my original assessment.


I am going to go into much more depth about my chair, the assessment, the companies I worked with and more but for now, I know lots of you are eager to know what chair I have! You might even get a few tourettesy videos of me talking about it in the coming weeks… if you’re lucky!


For those interested, my chair is the Quickie Life Wheelchair with an Alber Efix power attachment.

Frame: Quickie Life with split foldable back rest & manual wheels. (Not the wheels in photos)

Power Attachment: Amber Efix power attachment (wheels, battery pack and joystick)

Colour: white I love it although I suspect it will get pretty dirty it was a really hard choice between the flamingo glitter pink and white!

I have black stitching and small castors. I’m currently looking into the option of bigger castor wheels (the little front ones) to up my off road game!

Cushion: Jay lite pressure relief cushion.

Due to my coccyx injuries I struggle with sitting and standing for long periods of time, my cushion is moulded to suit my needs, with a mix of memory foam and 3DX spacer fabric?! Whatever that means- to allow air flow & relieve pressure.

Blanket: Nicosy Navy Polar fleece

My new favourite thing. For people who know me well, you’ll know just how much I love being cosy! This is permanently on my chair now!

I will be doing another post very shortly on all my personalisation, including my pink wheels!

I hope you enjoyed having a little nosey into my new chair. If you are struggling with your mobility or the thought of needing a chair, I cannot recommend contacting AYL enough:

And remember 97% of people who use a wheelchair CAN walk.

take care

Lauren x





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