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Keeping busy during COVID-19

I am planning to self isolate due to my blood tests all being funky the past few months- still unknown + after following this advice on the ME association website…

“The key points are:

1. From now on anyone with coronavirus symptoms (i.e. dry cough and fever) should self-isolate, along with every member of their household, for 14 days.

2. Everyone now needs to be taking strict social distancing measures, which involve avoiding:unnecessary social contact with other people.

AVOIDING: unnecessary travel, meetings and public gatherings, going to bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres etc.

3. The Government are advising that those who are at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus (Covid-19) infection are particularly stringent in following social distancing measures.

In addition to the elderly and people who have pre-existing medical conditions (CS note: ME/CFS included), pregnancy has been added to the list – although information on the effect of this virus on both pregnant women and the unborn child remains uncertain.”

I’ve written a big fat list of ideas for if you find yourself stuck not knowing what to do. Here’s where normally abled bodied people may begin to empathise with the chronically ill and elderly. We are pretty good at spending all day in our beds + yes our mental health does suffer!

I am now into day four of self isolation. I am isolating myself as much as possible. Brighton have some incredible systems set in place including whatsapp groups of neighbours on each street with first aid, safe guarding training, people who are just genuinely lovely and want to help others.

DAY 1: Freshly done nails mid changing sheets.


For when you start to go a little stir crazy…

Plan art projects

  1. Posters

  2. Cards

  3. Letters

  4. Paintings

  5. Drawings

Play Sims 4

  1. Download it on PC with origin.

View online first aid videos and take notes

Learn a new skill

  1. Educational

  2. Fun

Take an online course

  1. There are lots of free ones + cheap ones

Organise work/ uni folders

  1. Colour code them

  2. Organise in sections

  3. Create title pages

  4. Contents

Go on kids BBC bitesize and fresh your science knowledge.

Teach yourself a 1 player game

Cook something new

Watch a YouTube tutorial

  1. Cooking

  2. Makeup

  3. Art Skill

  4. Computer game

Learn to do cats cradle by yourself

Plan your weeks

  1. Give yourself a schedule or routine

Yoga at home

Excercise workouts/ videos at home

  1. Lucy Wyndham- Read has some good free Hiit workouts.- YOUTUBE

Go in the garden (if it’s not raining)

  1. Do some gardening

  2. Mow the lawn

  3. De-weed

  4. Clean the patio

  5. Jet wash anything and everything

Make a pretty mask to protect against catching germs

  1. Make sure its secure enough to work

Make a budgeting list

  1. Money might be uncertain but theres lots of free things in the world you just need to work out you expenditures

  2. Excel spreadsheet your spendings

FaceTime friends

  1. Group FaceTime works for up to 30 people

If you have a business, sort out admin including money, records, up to date learning


Learn some basics of a new language

Sharpen your knives

Educate yourself on issues by reading charity websites/ blogs

  1. awareness is important


Look up happy news!

Teach yourself a card trick

Sew holes up and buttons on clothes.

Create a Bullet journal

  1. You could spend days doing this! Pinterest has some cool aesthetically pleasing tips.

Create your own puzzle with paper/ card and pens

Read a book

Watch a film

  1. Add some to your watch list

Binge watch a series

Start a diary of emotions

Buy from local online shops!

Bake cupcakes


Monitor your health symptoms

Call an elderly person and have a chat.


Virtual dinner date / coffee date.

Get up and go on a walk in the countryside

Catch up virtually with an old friend

  1. Have a virtual coffee date

Learn some BSL or Makaton.

Beauty Self Care 💜

Wax or Shave

Hair mask

Do funny makeup looks

Practice a new hair / makeup look

Fake Tan

  1. Exfoliate

  2. Tan

  3. Moisturise

Give yourself a Facial

Tidy up your brows.

Learn a new beauty skill

Paint your nails

  1. Gels?

  2. Nail art?

Give yourself an at home spa pedicure

Moisturise everything

  1. Coconut oil masks wrap cling film on top.

Create your own natural beauty products

  1. Scrubs

  2. Lipbalms

  3. Face masks

Design a tattoo

  1. I’d never get a tattoo but I think its pretty fun to draw them!

Have a bubble bath


De-clutter + Organise 🛠

Tidy all kitchen cupboards

Donate any unwanted dry food to food banks

  1. Arrange collection if you aren’t going out.


  1. Don’t forget the skirting boards

Deep clean bathrooms

  1. Under or around the bath

Clean your oven

Clear out your wardrobe

  1. Arrange Donation Piles

  2. Keep Piles

  3. Give to friends/ Family

Re organise furniture in a room

  1. I do this all the time + alway do my back in so be careful please!

Having weekly activity aims

  1. Health

  2. Emotional

  3. Physical

  4. Mental Excercise

Teach yourself an accent or 3!

Brain training or Mental maths

Improve a skill you already have


Learn some origami

Print old photos and create a scrapbook

Edit your Spotify playlists

  1. Have one for each mood, genre, era

Put things online to sell

  1. Depop

  2. Ebay

  3. Gumtree

  4. Facebook Marketplace

Delete old emails

  1. Filter them in folders if needed

Delete old photos

  1. Delete duplicates

  2. Put into albums of events

  3. Add peoples faces (comes in handy for birthdays)

Add peoples birthdays to your calendar!

Back up your whole life on to a hard drive

De clutter that random drawer of stuff (I have 3)

Chuck out the rubbish under your bed.

Make wish lists online – order them by clothes, beauty, diy, Home, educational etc.

Create Pinterest Boards

Fix that computer/ printer/ techy thing you’ve been ignoring for months

If you’re stills stuck for ideas or want to know what you could do to keep kids busy, let me know! I have tonnes in my crazy brain!

STAY SAFE, KEEP HAPPY + enjoy some downtime



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