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For those rubbish days..


For a bad day.

I have started a group for people based in Brighton living with a chronic health condition or invisible disability. Everyone who fits this criteria is welcome. We now have 64 members which I’m incredibly proud of (specifically as I started it & everyone in the group are complete strangers!)

So we have a meet up coming up- I’ve sourced lots of art materials & boxes & we will be making ‘happy boxes’ or ‘kindness kits’ Below I have listed a few ideas of things you could add to make your own or one for a friend! (PHOTOS WILL BE ADDED WHEN WE HAVE ALL MADE OURS.)

CANDLES: Pretty looking ones or nice smelling ones! Adding a lighter to the box would be helpful!

ESSENTIAL OILS: I have an air purifier in my room and I’m obsessed, I have it on most of the time. They’re about £20-£25 on amazon. Lavender oil is amazing to help you sleep, tea tree- if you are having skin or breathing problems- eucalyptus, spa scents, peppermint- whatever works for you! You can also burn oils with tea light candles under them as a cheaper alternative.

@tisseranduk have some lovely oils

– PILLOW SPRAY: Lavender pillow spray proven to help you sleep! If it’s good enough for babies it’s good enough for you!

– EPSOM SALTS & A BATH/ SHOWER BOMB: If you don’t have a bath 🛀🏻 lush sell amazing shower bombs & scrubs- massage bars all sorts (I AM OBSESSED WITH LUSH!) If you do have a bath- Epsom Salts are amazing for relieving muscle aches and pains. (Even if you’re not chronically ill- I’d recommend Epsom salts once a week or post exercise)

I’m absolutely obsessed with Weatlab salts! You can get them in Boots!

– HOT WATER BOTTLE: I have a lovely teddy that I put in the microwave and it has lavender scented beans inside!

– £20: treat yourself to a takeaway! For emergencies- you may be feeling super broke & down- if you remember you have a spare £20 for emergencies in your happy box I’m sure it’ll help a little. For me I have spare cash for if my health is atrocious and all I’ve been eating is crisps and bananas- I’ll order a healthy ‘ish’ takeaway.

SNACKS: Crisps, chocolate, dried fruit, crackers, nuts, sweets, foods that don’t go off but make you feel good.

TISSUES & WIPES: If you fancy a cry, have a cold 🤧 or are clumsy like me and spill stuff all over yourself!!!

– COMFY SOCKS: Because fluffy socks fix everything! (Although if you know me- my feet are always out LOL I like to be bare feet a lot!

– SPRAY: Smelling nice can make you feel so much better.

FRESH PJS: Maybe a new pair, unworn, your favourite pair, a sexy pair, a comfy fluffy pair- anything to make you feel more alive.

Spotify playlist

– POSITIVE CHILLED PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY: I shall do a blog post on my favourites soon. Please don’t sit and listen to depressing, heartbreak sad type music! It’ll make you feel worse – I did this for hours and hours when I was young to wallow in my own self pity. You can have chilled music that is still positive.

BUBBLE WRAP: Super satisfying to play with perhaps if you’re feeling a little anxious – great for control issues as you are in control of each little pop.

A PRETTY NOTEBOOK: stationary is the most satisfying thing ever I could spend hundreds of pounds on pretty stationary- tiger, Poundland & primark have cheaper alternatives. Write down how you’re feeling. Do some cbt exercises (I’ll do a post soon) plan out your week & anything you know you’ll forget!

COLOUR PENS: To add to the aesthetics! Write in fun, pretty colours.

– A LIST OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, THINGS YOU ARE PROUD OF: Leave nice little notes for your self. Write 3 things you’re proud of or have accomplished in the last year & 5 years.

– PICTURES: Photos of people, places & things that make you smile- caption them to add to your memories.

– FILMS/ BOOKS: A list of good films or books to read when you’re in ‘xyz mood’ (I’m going to do a post on these soon.)

– MINDFULNESS COLOURING: You can buy super cute mindfulness adult colouring books- it’s a great de-stresser if your joints can manage!

– MEDICATION: Don’t forget to take your medication & drink properly!!!


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