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Budget Wheelchair- friendly Halloween Costumes

Who knew you could do so much with a piece of card? With the cost of living crisis very real here is a few suggestions of budget costumes you can make for you and your kids this Halloween.

For these costumes all you'll need is:

  • A big piece of card (mine was from hobby craft for £3.50) or board or cardboard box of some sort.

  • Paints or colouring pens. (Pound land sell them for £1)

  • Scissors or a box cutter/ Knife to cut head hole

  • Glue if you want to glue anything on Uhu glue is strong.

  • Pencil to draw around head shape

  • Any box games you have at home or

  • Cable ties to secure to your wheelchair

Here are a few other ideas of costumes you could make with a box:

  • Head on a Plate

  • Lightning McQueen Car

  • Barbie Car/toy box or Ken

  • A train

  • Fire Engine or Police Car and you are the police officer or fire fighter in the middle

  • Cinderella Carriage

  • Roller coaster

  • Bedknobs and Broom sticks - Bed & Witch

  • Ice cream van

  • Food truck

  • Alien in a UFO

  • Tractor

  • Up House

  • DJ

Stay tuned for a step by step guide on how I made each costume


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