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Best Wheelchair Accessible Restaurants - Brighton

My favourite accessible restaurants in Brighton:

When scrolling the internet for the best wheelchair accessible restaurants it seems impossible to find many restaurants other than chains or franchises- lots of chains have disabled toilets which is great but for me I personally love to support small and local businesses rather than huge coorperations - I think everyone should do the same now more than ever before, however lots of the time chains are simply more accessible to wheelchair users and those with specific dietary requirements for example.

Many disabled people know the feeling all too well of it being post lockdown but still being locked down in the sense of being faced with inaccessible barriers. I thought it would be good to give ‘The Lauren stamp of approval‘ to a few of my favourite small businesses who are wheelchair accessible in Brighton and Hove.

I’m aware there are multiple other access needs too within the disabled community- I myself have a whole host of different access needs, that being said - for the purpose of this post specifically I have chosen to focus on restaurants which are wheelchair accessible / step free or have a ramp and have a disabled toilet.

I thought I’d start with Brighton and perhaps spread my wings further if you like this as I do have lots of recommendations for other towns foo! I also have a few great chain restaurants in Brighton I can recommend include restaurants in Brighton Marina - in addition to chains in town such as:

Old buildings make things harder I get that- however I do feel much of the time it’s often used as an excuse to over look disabled customers.

I understand small businesses have less money than big cooperations, however it is the law to make restaurant's accessible. Ramps aren’t expensive in comparison to once the word gets out that somewhere is accessible & the amount of business that will flood there. If businesses fill themselves with the correct knowledge and get the right adaptations in their bathrooms and door frames, it’ll only be a one off cost.

After all Disabled people do have a spending power of £2.6billion!!!!

So onto my favourites…


LOCATION: 86-87 Western Road, Hove BN3, 1JB (note for non- locals western road is practically in brighton- it’s by the shopping centre!)


FOOD: 9/10 - meat eaters would choose to go here and say they prefer it over meat dishes they’ve had yet it’s entirely vegan.

NOTE the St james’ street one isn’t accessible to wheelchair users.


LOCATION: 17 Jubilee Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1GE



Something a bit spicey and far from your typical curry house. A little bit pricey. Beautiful environment so colourful and lovely decor. I take lots of people here and they’ve all loved it! I’m most definitely an Indian food snob too having grown up with a best friend living next door I have a 2nd mum who has been cooking me the most incredible food since I was a little girl. It doesn’t get anywhere near as good as hers but in terms of authentic flavours it’s pretty close.


LOCATION: 1-3 Brighton Place, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1HJ


FOOD: 8/10

Donatello is great for the whole family, everyone will like something as their menu is so huge! It’s really reasonably priced they do 2-3 course set menus for less than £15. The restaurant itself is also huge & has a bar, upstairs seating & inside and outside.

It’s a classic Italian menu- you know exactly what you’re getting, expect nothing incredible but just really nice standard Italian dishes.

Friendly staff and good Cocktails bar too. Slight cerb outside and toilet is a small disabled toilet but staff are sooooo accomodating and will move tables etc to accommodate your needs.

How to book : Walk ins only


LOCATION: 135 Western Road Brighton, East Sussex, BN12LA (note for non- locals western road is practically in brighton- it’s by the shopping centre!)

ACCESSIBILITY: Slightly narrow entrance but I got in no problem in my wheelchair. Slightly smaller toilet.


Some of the best food I’ve had in Brighton. Honestly, I think I have dreams about their Mac n cheese.

More casual setting during the day although would also probably be nice to go for drinks in the evening too as they had a cocktail menu.

Downstairs was a fairly small restaurant so may want to call ahead, however thinking about it, there may have been an upstairs (me and my wheelchair didn’t need to look!)

This is a hidden gem!!

We didn’t book - just walked in and it wasn’t too busy at all. Lovely waitresses.


LOCATION: 7 Pavillion Buildings, Brighton, BN1 1EE

ACCESSIBILITY: slightly narrow door, red cord in toilet wasn’t floor length, really good toilet otherwise.

FOOD: 7/10 Not my favourite Italian but my friend loved it.

Restaurant looked beautiful inside, one of the best disabled toilets space wise- I often wheel in there when I’m in an emergency, food was presented really well.

I’ve definitely had nicer Italian food but I was having a poorly day on the day I went. It was however presented really nicely and my friend LOVED hers. Such a lovely atmosphere. Really nice bar and lovely being next to the pavillion too.


LOCATION: On Brighton Seafront, Kings Road Arches, BN1 1NB

ACCESSIBILITY: THE BEST BY FAR!!!!!!! a lift to get to upstairs great views - disabled toilets!!

very accessible under tables, helpful staff. Every single thing was thought about. slight lip for wheelchair to get out of doorframe when leaving.

FOOD: A really different idea! Basically lots of restaurants in one! Good if you can’t decide what you want or with picky eaters.

Really stunning venue with views of the sea and west pier.




ACCESSIBILITY: I haven’t used their disabled toilet but will update this soon.

FOOD: 8/10

So it’s not the sort of food I love but everyone I know loves it!! It’s your typical greasy burgers, fries, hot dogs, loaded fries- milkshakes- tonnes of vegan options. A friend of mine is obsessed she always suggests it when we go anywhere for dinner!


LOCATION: 5-6 Circus Parade, New England Road, Brighton, BN1 4GW

FOOD: 8/10 YUM


Slight lip on door so I had to go in backwards to get in as my castors struggled slightly. Ramps inside everywhere, no problem and plenty of room interms of accessibility under tables especially as I have joystick which makes things harder. Lots of clearance. I didn’t need the loo while I was there but they told me they had an accessible toilet!

They had cushions on all their chairs which made them comfier too for those may want to transfer or who don’t use wheelchairs.

Food was so beautifully presented and tasted lovely. The whole atmosphere of the restaurant is so calm.

I’ve got long list of new places to try so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new blog posts coming soon!


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