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This has been sat in my drafts for a good few months as I’ve added ideas… It was almost ready to post then the Coronavirus was plonked into our lives, I thought it would be a good idea to adapt this to tasks which have been made readily available during the months of COVID-19 also.

CITIZENS ADVICE UK: “Some people or organisations like employers, shops, local authorities and schools must take positive steps to remove the barriers you face because of your disability.”

“Higher Education providers/ The workplace/ housing/ shops must make reasonable adjustments to ensure that you can use the education and other benefits, facilities and services provided as far as is reasonable to the same standard as non-disabled students.”


As a member of the chronically ill community, I can’t help but feel a little bitter. It really really frustrates me to say, it is highly likely that many resources which have been made available for all with internet access during COVID-19, including online study methods and virtual tours, are not likely to be available in the months post COVID-19.

I know I, along with others are really holding onto the hope that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ perhaps companies will begin to understand accessibility to all isn’t particularly difficult. The Equality act 2010 – THE LAW! States ‘there is a duty to make reasonable adjustments’ Realistically, we all know this is unfortunately not a very inforced law.

Pre- COVID-19 how realistic was this, that these reasonable adjustments were it into place properly? Disabled people are often met with ‘this isn’t possible’ ‘no’ COVID- 19 has proved our needs are possible to meet.

I spent over a year at University fighting for the right support, only to be repetitively told it was not possible, I had to pause my studies due to the lack of support for my health conditions. Frustratingly, COVID-19 arrives in our laps and everything changes ‘simply’ overnight to accommodate all able bodied students and workers needs. Now I understand that it is a bit of a faff to accommodate one students needs correctly, but I really do believe if adjustments can be made for 20,000 members of staff and students during a pandemic, it shouldn’t be difficult to source correct measures to help students under the disability and dyslexia teams.


When things finally calm down with Covid-19, it will be really interesting to see what positives arise. Remember people will be dealing with loss, grief, financial struggles, anxieties and those classed as ‘high risk, vulnerable or extremely vulnerable’ will still be sick. It is absolutely heart- warming to see the support being offered to us by COVID-19 Mutual aid support groups. As lockdown is lifted, people begin to become busier, I just hope the people mentioned do not go forgotten. Stay in touch with your sick and elderly neighbours, chat to people when you’re out. Offer to get people something at the shops and still call your friends regularly for a chat. COVID-19 has brought issues that many people face everyday into the realities of everyone else’s lives. Keep resources readily available for all. I believe empathy to be one of our strongest powers as humans.

This post is not intended to be a big fat moan and simply help you to keep busy when you’re sick in bed, while understanding the positive impact of this situation. I’m going to leave you with the thoughts above and get on with this now:)

NOW: How to keep your brain entertained if you’re stuck in bed poorly.

Firstly create a Fatigue scale- to see if you should be resting or are okay to do some activities.

Start a Bullet Journal

OMG I wish I was good at art! Some people have the most beautiful bullet journals! They’re really good to track symptoms.

-create health symptom trackers

Get creative

Animal live cams

Go to concerts from your bed

Mindfulness and meditation

Watch national theatre from home

Play Sims

– this can last hours, create houses and villages for everyone and everything!

Take a ride on a rollercoaster virtual reality

Take a trip to London- virtually of-course!

Museum virtual tours

Eat nice snacks


Imagine you are abroad by looking at live cams of beautiful destinations

Do your makeup – Try doing different looks to usual or using your hands instead of brushes etc..


Brush your teeth! If you are feeling poorly, this can help you to feel a little better.

Tint your eyebrows.

Whiten your teeth.

Brush your hair

Give yourself a facial with products in bed.

Deep heat or Deep Freeze massage!

Tweezer out some hairs- this could take hours!

Read a book.

Do Pelvic floor excercises.

Practice self care.

Do a hair mask- I’ve signed up to Curlee hair subscription box and I absolutely love it! I also really like garnier ultimate blends hair foods hair masks:)

Put on a face mask.- Lush or Bodyshop of course!

Rehab excercises.

Do online personality quizzes!

Look forward to the future.

Plan fun things

Book holidays or day trips

Watch series – Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime Videos.

Power nap

Therapeutic rest – rest on top of your bed as opposed to under the duvet.

Paint your nails

Play Games on your phone

Adult colouring books

Online mental health support – including CBT

– There are lots of online mental health support links & books you can buy including ‘CBT for dummies’

Netflix & Chill

Listen to random music

Get lost in youtube

Make lists- write everything down. I have a brain like a sieve and wish I did this more!

Have a day watching movies with friends

– socialising is important even if you can’t leave your bed.

OBVS- coronavirus being here we are social distancing so maybe watch the same film as your friend whilst on face time or have a phone call chat about the film afterwards!

Plan pretty room decor ideas

Name 5 things you see hear smell touch taste

Ease Anxiety

Phone someone.

Facetime someone.

Write an article, book or piece of text.

Donate to a charity: Charities are struggling now than ever, I’m sure if you’re anything like me you’ll have saved money on activities, restaurants, pubs, shopping etc this month! Consider donating your daily coffee allowance to a charity of your choice. Perhaps splitting the money between more than one could be a nice thing to do too.

Share something that makes you smile on facebook

– I can spend hours getting lost in the videos section of Facebook!


“Invest in rest”

Save your spoons. – This is in reference to my perious post, save any excess energy for days you may need more.

Nap x100

– You’re poorly & rest isn’t important!

Plan recipes for other people to cook you 😉 — I plan to make a disabled friendly cooking/ recipe book at some point, in the meantime get others to chef up your creations:)

Cuddle someone or something.

Write down what you may need help with.

Do an online food shop

– this can make me really tired, so don’t be worried if it takes you a few days to complete!

Create baskets and wishlists with your favourite clothes companies.

Treat yourself

Play a game

Learn a new skill.

– a language

– BSL- Learn British sign language with youtube videos, Isabella Signs, sing along with us, BSL zone, British Sign etc..

– Mental maths practice

– Research a topic

Look at cute animals online

Save storage to make your devices run faster.

Delete old emails.

Delete old photos.

Delete old texts.

Delete irrelevant contacts.

Take your pen for a walk.

This doesn’t put any strain on your joints and you can colour in as much or as little as you like.

Google earth is fun- explore the world from your bed!

Organise apps on your phone

– put them into organised folders of subject or how often they are used/ what they’re used for.

Create wish lists and shopping lists for clothes, household, stationary etc..

Take part in online surveys & questionnaires

Sleep some more….

Do light activities that might help a friend with their job or studying that doesn’t require too much brain power.

Take the load off others by doing any admin type roles.

Keep everything close to your bed so you can maintain independence even when you’re poorly.

I will keep updating this if I think of anymore:)

Take care & stay safe xxx


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