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Hey! I’ve been having a poorly phase forgive me- I’m on the way back up. Whilst I’ve been feeling sucky; sicky, sore, sleepy- I had a think about what I could write a blog post on to help you feel more normal on these kind of days if you’ve got to see humans.

The thing is… If you saw how I looked when I’m having a bad day you’d probably run a mile. I’m giving these suggestions but I rarely take my own advice. Maybe I’ll start. This post is written with intention to make yourself feel brighter even if your only plan for the day is to go back to bed. I tend to tint my eyebrows and do gel nails before I get to the point I’m too sick, this is always a good shout as it makes me feel slightly less gross when I am super sick. If you can cope with the pain of waxing (I absolutely cannot!!!- maybe get waxed regularly too to save you becoming a chronically ill hairy gorilla) – again if that’s what you’re into you do you!

BRUSH YOUR HAIR I REPEAT BRUSH YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!! Or ask someone else to do it for you. When I lived at home my mum used to brush my hair for me atleast once a week, I’d sit on the floor in between her feet like I did when I was a child & shed spend around an hour brushing out the matted fluff ball that was my hair. Now I occasion bribe a uni friend to do it for me. This is especially those of you with conditions causing you to sleep a lot or struggle with self care. I have ME n depressive Disorder. When I tell you my hair gets matted. It’s bad. I’ve had 4 hairdressers brush my hair for 45 minutes between them all. If you don’t do any of these cause you aren’t too bothered (honestly I can’t be with most of them.) Please just run a brush through your hair as often as possible. Curly hair girls in particular. (I might do a little crazy curly frizzy dry hair help post soon- but for now don’t brush it dry if you’re planning to leave the house – if it’s curly it’ll go mad) I sleep ALOT imagine bed head right… now times it by a 10, 15, 18, 26 hour nap right… now add curly hair… you see. Brush your hair when you can or get some help to.

– DRY SHAMPOO & lots of it! In every bag/ drawer. My hair gets greasy in like 0.3 seconds so if you’re anything like me you could invest in a good dry shampoo to make you feel a little fresher. Greasy hair is never a good look.

@colabhair do my faves x

DEODORANT WITH AN EASY SPRAY THINGY AND TONNES OF IT. Have loads of spare deodrants incase you have flare ups where you can’t get out of bed for a while. I get super super hot sweaty flushes so deodrant always helps. Some can be hard to open if your hands don’t work too good so bare that in mind. (Lol everyone uses deodrant I don’t know why I’m giving deodrant advice- I’m a sweaty person.)

The best of the best x

WATERPROOF MASCARA, crying in pain, crying cause you’re sad, sleeping and smudging tonnes of gunk everywhere. Making yourself look a little more alive & less like a potato. Personally I don’t really use water proof mascara, but for the times I’ve woken up after a fat nap or calmed down after a big tic attack, sometimes it’d be nicer if I didn’t have black mascara all down my face.

Post 7 hour nap and only slightly smudged 🤪

– BLUSHER HIGHLIGHT BRONZER COMBO, let’s face it without these products you’re gunna be looking and feeling pretty grey. Slightly ‘Zombified’ Blush, Bronze, Highlight . They’re super easy to apply with a light brush or fingers when you’re feeling too poorly for a full face but in need of a pick me up. The more colour & shimmer the more awake you look;) Obviously wearing makeup when you’re sick and in bed all day is not a necessity but on those days you’ve got no choice but to go to a special event or face the real world & you cannot get away with being naked, Afro hair out,stained oversized T-shirt’s. This could help.

LEAVE YOUR MAKEUP REMOVER NEXT TO YOUR BED: This isn’t just for removing makeup, although it’s a good idea to keep it next to your bed as I know I should remove my makeup but I rarely do. The walk to my drawers (about 1 metre from my bed LOL) isn’t worth it. Sometimes it’s nice just to wipe your face with a cotton pad and some makeup remover for a little refresh.

The best. No question about it. Doesn’t sting anything, gets everything off quickly and properly.

-CHAIR WITH FEET UP, To get you out of bed but still comfy, try to invest in a chair with feet, reclining, a foot stall, fairly comfy or frankly anything that lies more flat with a supportive back. ( explore facebook marketplace for those with less money —- I’m addicted—- ) I do beauty therapy treatments so luckily I have a super comfy massage couch which works great as I can lower it to get onto it if I’m feeling wobbly. Perhaps a chaise lounge or arm chair could be an idea for you.

– WET WIPES: let’s face it, showering isn’t always an option when you’re chronically ill! I used to shower 2,3 times a day, now… ew. Remember to preserve your spoons & if it means showering isn’t an option then wet wipes and soap it shall be! Gross but better than stinky and makes you feel a little better if you’ve spent days in bed.

– SCRUNCHIES & HEADBAND: literally make your hoodie and joggers outfit go from a 2 to a 7. Makes any greasy hairstyle look like you’ve actually tried a little and detracts from the fact you haven’t washed your hair all week and you’ve got sick, crumbs of food and fluff from your blankets in it. Oh also!! Curly hair girls scrunchies are so much easier to get out than those cheap hairbands where elastic rips your hair into a gazillion pieces or simply goes missing in your mop!

Bright yellow hair accessory to detract from the fact I have a straw in my beer.

I’m a sucker for a headband. (notice my hair almost being in dreadlocks here).

– MIRROR: Keep a mirror above or next to your bed. Save energy (sometimes sitting up to get ready and feeling like you’re going to faint Isnt really worth putting makeup on)

Rest up x


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